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  1. Charice Lee says:

    I attended a 30-person 1-day class with someone else (who was never a police officer) for my first assessment training in 2007 & barely made a passing score (70), even with a written test score of 91, the AC score prevented promotion.

    In 2013, a written test score of 88 made me #14 on the promotion list. I attended 3-day, small group (of 5) training with Mathieson & scored a 91 on the assessment center which elevated me to #6 on the promotion list. His methods work, especially if you've done the necessary preparation for the written exam.

  2. mathieso says:

    Thanks Charice: You were a great student in the truest sense of the word. Your dedication to the process and your tenacity were the keys to your success. Good luck on Lieutenantt!!

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