Assessment Center Preparation -Jacksonville 2019 - 2020

Assessment Center Preparation - Jacksonville 2019 -2020

We are already in the season for Assessment Center preparations for the 2019 -2020 testing cycle in Jacksonville.  It has been my honor to work with JSO candidates for over 30 years to help officers and supervisors realize their career promotional goals and I am pleased to announce that this process will continue on a by appointment only basis.

During the upcoming cycle, I will be limiting the number of group and individual sessions that will be offered. Here are guidelines for Assessment Center training during this cycle;

  1. Groups are typically comprised of 3 to 5 individuals to maximize personal attention. Training is held at my home in Ormond Beach.  Training can be scheduled for other locations, however, the cost of travel will be added to the final cost per group.
  2. The sessions can be schedule for 3 or 4 days in duration.  It is suggested that groups of 4 or more schedule the 4 day sessions.
  3. The cost of the training is $875.00 per day for the entire group.  Materials, including the Assessment Center Manual and the online course (which can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone) are also included. THESE RESOURCES WILL BE PROVIDED ONCE FULL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED.
  4. The cost of training is NOT refundable if an attendance is before the Assessment and the attendee does not pass the written exam.  Tuition will, however, be credited toward future promotional processes.
  5. A $100 deposit per person is required to hold your scheduled slot.  The deposit also covers the cost of printing the manuals you will receive during the training. PLEASE CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW FOR THOSE WHO HAVE CONFIRMED TUTORING OR SMALL GROUP DATES.

For more information, fell free to email or call me personally.  Contact information is listed in the Contact Us section of this website.






Assessment Center Manual

For candidates preparing for the Assessment Center process on their own or who are testing with another agency, the Assessment Center manual is an excellent tool for you to begin your preparations.  The manual is divided into ten chapters, covering everything from what the Assessment Center is, what to expect during the process, to strategies that will enhance your chances of success, to detailed exercises, simulating those you could expect to experience in the Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center manual has been a great success with hundreds of officers and supervisors around the state of Florida and across the country who have taken advantage of this resource.  The study manual is geared towards self - study with checklists and modeled responses included in these invaluable Assessment Center Materials.  The Assessment Center manual contains explanations of the most common types of Assessment Exercises you can expect to encounter during the process and detailed strategies that have proven to be effective for over 30 years, regardless of who develops the Assessment Center.   In addition, please note the following information concerning the purchase of the manual;

  1. The cost of the manual is credited toward tutoring, either in person or video based training.
  2. However, due to scheduling issues and time constraints, there is no guarantee that by purchasing this package you will receive tutoring.   If we are able to make those arrangements, the cost of the package is given as a credit towards tuition costs.

To receive this package click on the Buy Now button below.   The cost of the package is $189.00.  Please note that once the study materials are sent, the package is not refundable.





Online Course


For those who wish to augment their study with an internet based electronic alternative. the on-line self-study program may be a viable option.  The advantage of the online course is that you can study at your own pace and repeat the process as many times as necessary to develop proficiency. The course guides you through the Assessment Center process, including each of the core exercises that you can expect to experience in the Assessment Center.  Each of the exercises has either quizzes or feedback sheets at the end of the respective sections so that the student can gauge his or her own progress.  The cost of the online course is $389.00 and includes a copy of the printed manual.

Upon payment, you will immediately receive a link to the on-line course.  The manual will be sent to you via USPS or arrangements can be made for you to pick-up the manual at a print center in your area that you specify (either an Office Depot or Office Max).  Click on the link below to order;







Tutoring services are available, either in - person or electronically via Skype or Facetime.  Tutoring is billed at a rate of $85.00 per hour.  Please note that the purchase of the manual or the online course is a pre-requisite for tutoring.  As tutoring sessions occur, you will receive an invoice showing your remaining balance (remember that you receive a credit towards tutoring by purchasing the manual or the online course).  Once the balance is exhausted, you will be billed for any additional time.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me.

My Cell is  386.566-4212 and my email is  lmathieson@mathiesonconsultants.com.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you!!